Sparkle with Impact

We are please to inform you that INONGE ZITA's debut collection "The Heritage Collection" is now available for ordering on the webshop. The Collection is crafted in 18 carat yellow gold, set with Zambian emeralds and a variety of other gemstones from Zambia and African countries. 

Heritage Emerald Trio: Studs, Pendant and Suds with Pear Drops

The inspiration for the collection comes from the designers Lozi background in the form of makenge wedding baskets. A makenge basket is a handwoven basket made from makenge reeds.

Image Source: Swahilli Modern


The Heritage Collection is a celebration of lineage, culture and family ties. The makenge basket is heirloom often given to a daughter by her mother or in-laws at marriage. It is often handed down from generation to generation. The more it is used the longer it lasts. The baskets are known to last as long as a 100 years with use. The designer is a descendent of the late King Lewanika of the Barotseland. INONGE was the name of one of King Lewanika's Granddaughters who happens to be the grandmother of INONGE ZITA founder Patricia Inonge Zita Mweene. As per tradition, she is named after a royal elder.


We love jewellery in all shapes and forms, but we love them even more when they have a positive impact on the communities that mine them. And that is why we set up a gemstone cutting and polishing workshop in the mining town of Ndola, Zambia the home town of the founder of INONGE ZITA Jewelery. The workshop employs a master gem cutter, a sourcing manager and has a master jeweller with over 20 years industry experience attached to hit. For every gemstone that is cut in the workshop and set in a finished piece of jewellery, at least 10 people or more are impacted since the average Zambian generally has 3 - 5 dependents in their household.

At INONGE ZITA, we have taken a principled stand not to trade in rough gemstones unless their sales have a positive social impact on the community. We believe that the demand for Zambian gemstones and other gemstones from the African continent should be translated into viable employment opportunities for people living in extractive mining communities.


Responsible sourcing without the participation of the community has no impact. INONGE ZITA's approach is to empower extractive communties to be become active value creation champions of their natural resources, in this case gemstones. We want to see responsible mining communities. Our goal is not only to make beautiful jewellery but to contribute to the development of the gem cutting and jewellery industry in Zambia and thus create employment opportunities that otherwise would have been outsourced. And that is why our slogan is called "Sparkle with Impact". So go ahead and sparkle - adorn yourself with INONGE ZITA jewellery.

Thank you for your support.

With Love, Light & Joy
Patricia Mweene
Founder & Creative Director




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